Interview Tominaga Bond

By Ka Yee Chan

Hisashi Tominaga also known as Tominaga Bond is a Japanese live painting artist. It was an honor to meet this rising artist at the Artexpo New York 2014. His artworks are colorfully attractive and present a free spirit of New York City graffiti.

Tominaga named his artworks “Bond Art.” He uses this special Japanese glue in his BOND ART to connect the different shapes and colors. The glue creates glossy 3-D textures among the 2-D shapes. From close, you might only see the individual shapes, but from far, the shapes are bonding together to create a person, and a bigger picture. He believes in human specialty, and that everything has a connection. He is often inspired by images of his surroundings.

Tominaga is based in Japan. His “Bond Art” can be seen in many places in Japan. He has also performed live paintings at music festivals and parties. In New York City, he performed live painting in a music party and on the street of Times Square, which attracted many curious New Yorkers.

Tominaga doesn’t have a background in studio art, but in graphic design. Although he is now doing live painting, his “Bond Art” still consists of the neatness and line quality of graphic design.

His paintings are often very colorful and use many shades of the same color. His compositions of colors give movement and liveliness to his art. He believes the true value of an artwork doesn’t require formal art background. Tominaga’s vibes and free spirits attract people to bond together just like his art.

The Artexpo New York 2014 has ended, but for more information of Tominaga Bond, please visit:, and follow his live schedule.

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