Interview President of the Malaysian Official Designers Association: Gillian Hung

Reporter: Alice Chin

Gillian Hung, also affectionately known as “Mama G”, is famous for her multi-tasking abilities in the highly challenging and competitive fashion industry. After having spent 10 years traveling the world in the name of fashion, Gillian moved back to Malaysia 1989 and won the first ASEAN Young Designers’ Competition in Singapore.  She’s a fashion Guru who provides advice to many fashion corporations and at the same time is the President of the Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA).

The amazing Gillian Hung:

After studying abroad in Toronto and New York and receiving an education in accounting, Gillian returned to Malaysia and won the first ASEAN Young Designer’s Competition in Singapore in 1989. She was hired by Isetan of Japan as their Fashion & Design Director for several years until 1999. She then ventured to Hong Kong to help develop the brand ARIA for the Chinese market. Later in 2004 she set up the Fashion Academy of Creative Technology in Kuala Lumpur with some partners.

Currently she serves as the President of the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association as well as the Creative Consultant for Kenanga Wholesale City, the biggest fashion wholesale mall in Malaysia. She is a pioneer in the Malaysian fashion industry and is sought out by corporations for her talent and knowledge of Fashion Designing, Branding, Consulting, Manufacturing and Forecasting. She has also served as a judge for many prominent competitions and contests for young designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, beauty queens and models.

As president of MODA, Gillian is highly involved in mentoring the new generation of designers in Malaysia and guiding them on how to navigate the at times difficult arena of fashion.  She encourages young designers to not only focus on their design skills, but to learn valuable skills by completing their business education.  Gillian cites her hard work and determination for her success and said she had always wanted to work in fashion as a profession, not just as a hobby.  “Passion can lead you somewhere, but it is hard work and determination” said Gillian that brought her to where she is today.  The energetic Gillian at times wishes she could just shop and do community service, but she has so much to do!  What plans does she have for her future?  She would like to have her own television program that profiles creative people in fashion, the arts, music, singers, etc. to provide information to those that don’t know much about the industry.  See’s video interview with Gillian Hung to learn more about her.

President of the Malaysian Official Designers Association: Gillian Hung with AsianInNY

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