Interview Designer of Vantan Tokyo: Anki Cheung Siu Yan

Anki Cheung Siu Yan (Brand SWANZI by Anki)

By Merry Wu

Vantan Tokyo’s Anki Cheung Siu Yan (Brand SWANZI by Anki) presented a cutting edge mix of modern sportswear with vintage techniques. Her collection’s name is “Natural in Her Eyes”

Born 1984 in Hong Kong, she went to Japan to study at Vantan Design Institute. She has since then won the New Designer Fashion Grand Prix, Women’s wear “Workmanship Prize” in 2007 and The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest “Grand Prize” in 2010.

She is currently working as an intern for Vivienne Westwood London Head Office.

I had the pleasured of interviewing her backstage and here is what she said to say about her first time debuting in New York at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

How do you feel about the debut of your collection “Nature in her Eyes” in New York at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

I’m really excited because this is a big chance for every fashion designer.

How did you get involved with fashion design and why did you want study at Vantan Design Institute?

I love fashion and I went to this school because they have a specific class for new designers, they watch you and they want you to start your own brand. They have good supporting and arrangements so I chose Vantan.

So what is the inspiration behind your collection “Natural in her Eyes”?

My inspiration is about people finding new ways to look and see the nature or to see the world. Like people use different mediums or different cameras to take photos and make something that’s art. So it’s like a new environment, and so I collected different art pieces and mix together so this is my inspiration.

Do you feel your personal style is very involved with your collection?

I feel that the most important thing is the material and you have to be very comfortable. Since womens wear is already very comfortable and my style is not only strong but beautiful, I wanted to give womens wear my modern and edgy style.

Do you feel the American fashion industry and style is different from Hong Kong or Japan’s?

It’s a little different but um in Japan they like to mix and match many layers but in New York, the womens wear is stronger and it seems very comfortable to themselves so it’s a little bit different.

What do you hope to do in the future?
I hope to further my own brand and hopefully become a bit more known.

Well thank you for your time and good luck!
Thank you!

For more information about her brand SWANZI, please visit:

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