Interviews with Gao Xiao Song, Han Geng, Wang Bao Qiang, Vivian Hsu at New York Chinese Film Festival

AsianInNY’s exclusive interviews with director Gao Xiao Song, Actor/singer Han Geng, actor Wang Bao Qiang, and actress/singer/model Vivian Hsu!

Article by Alice Chin

Video by Ken Lo

Edit by Yee K Lam

I was fortunate to represent for interviews with several renowned actors who had received awards at the 2nd New York Chinese Film Festival at Capitale.

It seems like every Asian male I know has a crush on beautiful actress Vivian Hsu. After meeting her in person, I can completely understand why.  She has an amazing smile, glowing skin and and an equally glowing and warm personality.  She graciously posed for photos with guests and happily greeted her fans on camera and expressed her joy in being in the Film Festival.

I had first seen actor Wang Bao Qiang when he spoke at the screening of Hello My Tree at the village AMC theater.  At the Q & A session, he talked about his role in the movie, which was very different from his well-known role as a soldier.   Mr Wang trained at Shaolin Temple since the age of 8 and became a household name in China after his first film role.  A fan asked if he could demonstrate his skills and  Wang Bao Qiang gladly obliged by demonstrating a few of his Kung Fu.

At the closing ceremony, we asked Wang Bao Qiang what he kind of movie role he would like in the future.  He said he has not been in a kung fu movie yet and would like to act in one, especially since he has martial arts skills.  When asked who he wants to work with, in the future, he said there are too many people to name.

We also met with Actor Han Geng, who is famous in China, as a pop singer, who starred in his first film role in My Kingdom, where he played an opera singer skilled in the martial arts and acrobatics.  Since he has a background in dancing, it only took him 2 months to train for his role.  He also faced a lot of challenges as a first time actor and says he still has lot to learn.

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