Exclusive Interview with Lee Won Suk

Lee Won Suk

By Michelle Xia

“Find a job that that makes you happy.” Whether from a teacher, a mentor, a friend, or a family member; everyone has heard this line at least one. Although it may be the dream for many, only some are fortunate enough to live it. Wo-Suk Lee is amongst the fortuitous people who are doing what they love.

Born and raised in South Korea, Lee Won Suk studied abroad in Boston University majoring in advertisement. After undergraduate school, he went to work in the advertising industry. With the frequent lay-offs due to the economic crisis, the overall disappointed Lee Won Suk searched for a new career path. He experiment with the different routes he could take, applying to different programs that he otherwise would never have.

With luck and talent, he was fortunate to have been accepted to American Film Institute, a prestigious and culturally oriented film organization. In this program, he fostered and grew his love for filmmaking. He began to not only make film productions, but add his own flavor into the industry too.

His first film production was successful. His first production, “How to Use Guys with Secret Tips,” is a romantic comedy. The typical Korean storyline involved a deadly ill parent with family issues. Lee Won Suk attempts to fight the conventional way of storytelling by taking out the sickness-card.

This film was showcased in the New York Asian Film Festival. His Korean film has built up an international fan base. “How to Use Guys with Secret Tips” has been released in parts of European countries and now, America! With the vast range of people watching his film, Lee Won-Suk is curious for his audience’s reactions to his film. Through the seven years of working on this film, he aims to have this film be widely accessible and entertaining.

Lee Won Suk is aware of all the struggles and sacrifices he has dealt with by continuing this director path. He sees himself producing more films in the near future. Lee Won Suk will continue to challenge the conventional frameworks of the film industry as he sees himself directing more productions in the future.

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