Dr. T.F. Chen Featured at The Art Expo New York

AsianInNY staff Winston Hsu (left) and Ka Yee Chan (right) with Ted Chen, Ya Mei Chen, Lucia Chen, Sherry Su

By Ka Yee Chan

The Art Expo New York presented the contemporary art and design at Pier 94. It was held on April 4-6, 2014. If you missed it this year make sure you attend next year on April 16-19, 2015.

Dr. T.F. Chen

This year Art Expo presented both Solo and Decor Expo Showcases. It is a chance to explore the art from all over the world. The Expo as well showcased many Asian exhibitors such as T.F. Chen Cultural Center, Japan Contemporary Art Association, Lu Kai & Yan Hui, Tominaga Bond, etc.

It was an honor to talk to Lucia Chen, the President and Executive Director of T.F. Chen Cultural Center. Chen shared with us the stories and the reasons that brought her into the position she is in now.

Chen had been in the Art market for almost 40 years. Chen was a teacher, vocalist, pianist, and she also paints. During the 70s, she went to Paris and met Dr. T.F. Chen. In 1975, she married Dr. T.F. Chen and started to immerse herself in the art world.

Dr. T.F. Chen's Family (Ted Chen, Lucia Chen, Jade Chen)

In the 60s, Dr. T.F. Chen was the only student from Taiwan who got a scholarship to Paris to study at La Sorbonne. Although he was studying in Paris, he continued to write back to Taiwan to share what he learned and delivered Western art cultures to Taiwan.

Dr. T.F. Chen is not only well known as an artist but also as a philosopher. There are many publications requesting to interview Dr. T.F. Chen, because he is a role model for the younger generations. In 2001, he received the United Nations’ “Global Tolerance Award.”

He is the only artist in the world to receive this award. He gave a speech at the UN to 360 worldwide leaders, which included 80 ambassadors. Recently, we are all familiar with multi-cultures, but Dr. T.F. Chen had been creating multi-cultural art works since the 60s. He is also known as the father of computer art, which is quite ironic, because he doesn’t know how to use computers.

The reason for this is because he had a concept of computers even before computers existed. He put together famous images and juxtaposed them in his paintings. It is almost like the concept of graphic designs.

Dr. T. F. Chen creates his artworks with multiple cultures with the mission of world peace. His works often revolved around the theme of Global New Renaissance in Love.

“On the spirit of love, peace, and tolerance, the T. F. Chen Art for Humanity Foundation dedicates itself to the Art for Humanity World Tour, and the advancing of Art Education and ‘Art for Humanity’s Sake’.”

For more information about T.F. Chen Cultural Center and Dr. T.F. Chen’s artworks, please visit: http://www.tfchen.org.

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