Asian Fit Eyewear with Designer Alexandra Peng

We met with designer Alexandra Peng during Style360 Fashion Show and was truly impressed with her stylish and perfectly fit eyewear. Now, we have a brand that caters directly to our Asian features and offers the proper support on the bridges.

Designer Alexandra Peng

Designer Alexandra Peng (born in Taiwan) spent more 16 years in the optical industry, designing eyewear for luxury brands and seeing them through from conception to production, before finally starting her own Asian Fit Eyewear line, TC Charton.

TC Charton is the first eyewear line designed in North America specifically with Asians in mind, producing both ophthalmic frames and sunglasses. As an Asian American herself, Alexandra always had difficulty finding eyewear that actually fits her face.

”I grew up believing there was something wrong with my face because nothing fit,” said Peng. “But just like you would never send a petite person to shop at the big and tall store, I realized the glasses were just never made to fit my features.”

What is Asian Fit?

After years of designing eyewear that she herself couldn’t wear, Peng started considering the unique concerns Asians have when choosing eyewear.  Specifically, glasses just don’t fit, because of smaller nose bridges, wider facial structures and higher cheekbones; all of the classical features of the Asian face conspire to make eyewear impossible to wear.

In formulating her designs, Peng considered all of these factors, as well as the styles and colors which compliment Asian skin tones. “There is no set formula,” said Peng. “I focus on specific Asian features in my mind and start designing from there.”

The end result is eyewear which sits properly on the face and that stays in place where it should. All materials are of highest quality, from Europe and Japan and some parts have to be molded by hand to get the perfect fit

“I want to be able to reach out to as many Asian Americans as possible,” said Peng.  “I want them to know there’s an eyewear collection designed from the ground up, with them in mind,” said Peng.

Everyday Luxury

TC Charton is sleek, modern and timeless all at once. It’s meant for the consumer who believes that quality and comfort makes a better fashion statement than just a label.  The idea behind each frame design is based on distinctive American style with careful consideration of the colors and styles that best complement Asian features.

Visions for the Future

Most kids hate when they need glasses; for Peng, it meant more than the unfortunate nickname “Four Eyes.”  She also felt the shame of wearing glasses that simply didn’t fit or gave her headaches.

“When I was a kid, I heard all kinds of things that people didn’t realize were negative,” Peng remembers.  “They said I had no nose, that I had a flat face and nothing fits.”

In Spring of 2011, TC Charton launched a kids’ eyewear line, again with the same concepts as her adult line, that fit, functionality and feeling good about your appearance, leads to confidence.

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We love the sunglasses and they fit so well. Center of Photo: designer Alexandra Peng

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