Volunteering in Staten Island for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in October 2012, but the damages still lingers through parts of New York. Party4aCause has helped the victims of sandy in February 2013, but there was still more that can be done for the victims. So on March 30th, 2013 Party4aCause teamed up with United Chinese Language Association (UCLA) and Advertising Design Society (Ads), clubs from Baruch College, to continue the efforts relief for the sandy victims. Not only was this a great opportunity to give back to the community, but this was also a great bonding experience!

Article by Gai DaGai & Mike Kim

The volunteers started their day early at 8am, in midtown Manhattan where everyone gather to wait for the X1 bus and drivers to Staten Island. It was a chilly morning, but that didn’t stop over 20 volunteers in giving a helping hand.

Since it was a big group of volunteers, we had to split up into 3 teams and worked with two relief efforts; Occupy Sandy and Guyon Rescue. Party4aCause worked with Occupy Sandy while UCLA and Ads worked with Guyon Rescue.

Party4aCause took on mold removal with the absolute fierceness of March madness. Donning an impressive breaking bad wardrobe, volunteers sprayed, scraped, and scrubbed the walls of a home utterly devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The homeowner shared many insights about life after Sandy. The cameras and reporters may have moved on, but homeowners are facing issues with insurance claims and rebuilding their lives elsewhere.

UCLA and Ads performed installation and beautification worked for Guyon Rescue. We worked in 3 houses and a backyard. We cleaned up two houses that was filled with debris and dust. One team did ceiling fiber installation for the roof and clean up the backyard of the house. And the other team did outlets attachments around the whole house and swept the floor clean to allow tiles/carpet attachment for the next team of workers.

Even though these task might be tedious task, these task still needed to be done. And with the manpower provided by the organization, we were able to make it more of an easier job for Guyon Rescue to get people back to their homes. If people can volunteer one of their days in helping the victims of hurricane Sandy, those victim will be able to get to their homes that much quicker. It’s not really about how much money the government can supply to those victims, but about how the community can come together and help each other. Giving back is always a great feeling!

Disaster relief organizations such as Occupy Sandy and Guyon Rescue are utilizing volunteerism to help expedite the process of detoxifying, cleaning, and rebuilding homes. Looking to volunteer? Seek out an organization trusted by Sandy-affected communities. Some have been victimized by scammers looking to exploit others during this disaster. Our volunteers were given sound advice, clear direction, and thorough description of exactly how our work impacts the community. More and more people are looking to make a difference. Join us next time!

Party4aCause is a non-profit organization led by a group of young, active New York City professionals dedicated to supporting the local community through social fundraising events and bringing others closer to the cause.

United Chinese Language Association embraces ancient tradition, modern culture, and, above all, the unifying power of the Chinese language. Through continued learning and collective teaching, we celebrate the Chinese language and the culture it nurtures.

Advertising Design Society communicates to students, not only through language and words, but through art, passion, and a diverse collection of creative vision. Allowing students to enjoy more of the creative and design side of business.

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