Top Asian Festivities around the World

Article by Melody Wilson

The Eastern and Western parts of the world differ from each other like its two different global villages altogether. Eastern side of the world has culture, traditions and lots of associations with their roots. People in Asia are strongly attached to where they belong and have a very rich history, which they like to follow. They also tend to keep their values and up-bringing alive. Having said that, it does not mean that the people of the West, do not have any values. However, their preference to other priorities in life makes them a bit unorthodox when it comes to keeping a rich culture, history and family traditions.

Festivities in Asian countries go throughout the year. Due to a diverse population, religious beliefs and cultural values there is always something going on with one or the other population, country or city related to a particular sect.

Some of the Festivities in Asia that are hugely globally and we will discuss this in detail in the following sections of our article.

Festivals in Thailand

Festivals in Thailand usually comprise of parties and high end socializing. Their full moon party and water festivals during the year are some of the most popular ones in the entire world. People from across the globe try to travel within periods where these festivals would fall and try to experience them at least once in their lifetime or travel history. Their new year’s festival is also very interesting and the celebrations that take place are truly a great experience to watch. People in Thailand; usually pull off fashion which is highly casual since there are many beaches and Islands.

Festivities in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most happening countries in Asia, when it comes to festivities. Usually there are four major festivals in the country, including two religious and two national. Even though Pakistan’s instability has significantly affected the tourism in the country, but locals make sure that their events and festivals are the most happening ones. Due to the nature of the population being so extremely diverse, people in Pakistan walk with all kinds of fashion. There is a distinct difference between people of SEC A and SEC C, which is why the kind of fashion they follow is also very different to others. Usually a combination of cultural and western fashion is largely highlighted both in routine days and during festivals.

Festivities in India

India is not far behind when it comes to festivities in comparison to Pakistan. It has the largest account of population in the world and it caters to highly diverse profiles of people following many cultures and religions. There are main religious events and then there are national events celebrated by the entire country. India due to its high populations has a high poverty rate, which is why there is only a certain percentage of people who follow high end fashion. Festivals in India are also very closely followed by the Indians living around the world and many tourists.

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