The Asia Pavilion at the 13th Annual New York Times Travel Show

By Tatiana Ho

The 13th Annual 2016 New York Times Travel Show, which occurred on January 8th to the 10th, was a huge success! Hosted at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Downtown Manhattan, the event hosted over 500 exhibitors, 28 thousand travel experts and over 100 travel industry speakers and cultural presentations. New York Times used this event as a way to satisfy attendees wanderlust and pinpoint what countries the visitors would want to see first. There where food sample at some of the Exhibitor booths as well as presentations of traditional costumes and culture. Each of the countries were separated into sections presenting titles such as “The Asia Pavilion” and so on.

“The Asian Stage” was well represented at the Travel Show this year with appearances from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and many more! Within each exhibit there was a different piece of that countries culture; Thailand exhibited Thai Noodles, Indonesia presented traditional clothing and free coffee that created a line from the beginning of the show!

Japan hosted a travel board centered around Okinawa with board representatives dressed in professional suite and ties along side other representatives with yellow and red robe-like garbs.

Taiwan had a costumed black bear to accompany their presentation board. According to Taiwanese representatives, the bear is “Kuma”, a character in a popular videogame Series titled Tekken that presents two bear characters as bodyguards to main character Heihachi Mishima. Also, the booth gave out the famous bubble teas and attracted long lines waiting who can’t wait to try the delicious sweet drinks.

Overall the “Asia Pavilion” proved informational for many attendees, highlighting the diverse cultures of each country in a uniquely profound light.

The 2016 New York Times Travel Show served it’s purpose masterfully- giving the experience of travelling the world without leaving home. Although the event was centered around exploring while staying in one’s home country, it also allowed people to plan their next overseas trip with excitement and knowledge on what to expect in their next travelling adventures.

Luckily for eager inquirers, the next New York Times Travel event is being hosted at the Javits Center for a few days on January 27th to January 29th. Information on the next travel show adventure can be found on, with information on tickets and event times!

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