Taiwanese Night Market in NYC

TAP-NY organizers: Alex, Athena, Bob, Carson. Performer Pamela, Volunteer Yui and AsianInNY

TAP-NY presents its first ever annual Taiwanese Night Market! The night totally took us to a place that transport back to Taiwan’s most iconic and well known attraction. AsianInNY was also there to sponsor and presented 2 amazing singers including Jonathan Lee and Pamela J Powell. We also gave out 10 tshirts to support the event.

Taiwan Tourism

On April 13th a Friday night, TAP-NY and many participating vendors as well as sponsors (including AsianInNY) recreated a characteristic part of Taiwanese culture—its night markets 臺灣夜市. The night markets in Taiwan are comprised of numerous makeshift stands that sell food and drinks, merchandise, and games; and that feature local or famous artists. These night markets in Taiwan attract people of all ages and backgrounds. And yes, that’s what most people remember of Taiwan when they have the chance to visit this lovely island with those most amazing people!

Taiwanese sausage sponsored by Passport to Taiwan

What’s night market? Night markets are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets. The night markets usually open around 6pm, and are busy until past midnight and some up to 4pm.

Fun Buns

We definitely recommend fried chicken (鹽酥雞), small bun wrapped in large bun (大餅包小餅), oyster omelet (蚵仔煎), bubble milk tea (珍珠奶茶), Taiwanese sausage (臺式香腸) and Taiwan hamburger/ pork buns (刮包)!

A-Pou Dumplings

What games do people play at night market? People, especially kids love to do paper fishing (撈魚), pinball game, shots with an air pistol and breaking balloons.

AsianInNY was invited by TAP-NY to help organize the performance to showcase some amazing talents and we were so happy to be able to showcase 1 beautiful belly dancer (Peishan Lo) and 2 amazing singers: Jonathan Lee and Pamela J Powell. Jonathan is a pop/soul singer who has worked with work with various recording artists including Grammy Award winners Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Diddy, Tracy Chapman, Mya and Joe.  Jonathan also performed at 2011 Passport to Taiwan Festival. Pamela J Powell is a talented vocalist who can sing R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Neo soul and anything! She has participated various live contests including Junior Idol, Miss Teen USA NY and AsianInNY’s Lunar New Year Celebration.  All the performers totally rocked the stage!

PeiShan Lo

Jonathan Lee

Pamela J Powell

By the way, did we mention Taiwan Beer also sponsored the event?  The brand “Taiwan Beer”, an icon of Taiwanese culture, began as a monopoly product but has remained the best-selling beer in Taiwan. Participating Vendors for this first Night Market including: Grandma’s from Flushing, A-Pou Dumplings, I 8 NYC, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Filled with Sweets, Wooly’s Ice, HK Street Cart, Bian Dang, Passport to Taiwan, Macaron Parlour and Fun Buns.

So, we had a good night at TAP-NY’s Taiwanese Night Market and can’t wait for the next one to come! Stay tuned for more events!

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