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The Time Warner Center had an impressive assemblage of new technology from the island nation of Taiwan for the fourth annual Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase 2017. The products presented this evening focused on three major areas; biking, beauty and gaming with over fifty products on display. To understand why these products are singled out Scott Yang, Deputy Executive Director of Strategic Marketing of Taitra explained.

“Taiwan excellence is the Taiwan national accolade that is given to selected companies annually to recognize and award their excellence in areas of RND, Quality, Design International, and market implementation,” said Yang.

The boast that Taiwan offers among the best products period is backed by the numbers. The gaming laptop market is 35% produced by Taiwanese companies of which MSI, ASU and ACER hold three of the top five positions worldwide in production.

“The main thing on top of the list is gaming laptops and computers,” Yang pointed out, “We brought our top notch products to please our New York consumers and game enthusiasts.”

And there was plenty to sample. Items that stood out were the ZenFone 3 Zoom and the ZenWatch 3 from ASUS. The phone fuses the best of smartphone camera technology and duel-lens optics while the watch is customizable and contains features to aid in day in day living. But the laptops are where everyone gravitated to which were highlighted by a demonstration of its virtual reality games whose view was shown on a flat screen while a volunteer responded through the motions of that view. The computer chassis from In Win were quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its metallic tubing that allowed views inside and LED lights that illuminated the inside. The PC Fan in particular showed simpler wiring and multi-colored fans.

Artemis Tsai introduced the SH-RD protein creams which targets the health of women and their hair which defrizzes, replenishes, softens, protects against heat and adds shine.

“For women, taking care of her hair is her life,” Tsai explained, “It’s very natural and organic, protecting the hair.”

The first thing you saw when you entered this event were the impressive looking bikes which Taiwan, as Yang mentioned, are “The best bicycles in the world. He also made an observation about how two countries view the bike.

“The biking industry in Taiwan is like a culture and on the other hand biking in New York is a lifestyle,” Yang explained.

The alternatives offered here included electric bikes and mountain bikes which can navigate steep climbs and descent with speeds that can go up to the 80 m.p.h. range. If you are a casual rider the bike makes it easier for you. You get to choose how you handle the road.,” said one of the reps.

In addition brand partner rep. Stephen Hang demonstrated how the bikes could be reduced in size to fit the surface area of a piece of paper. He mentioned “bfold Bicycles” a folding bike specialist on 224 East 13th street in New York City as the place to go.

Just these sample sets alone symbolized the depth of technology talent that exists in Taiwan and New Yorkers will benefit from the cutting edge products introduced in this 2017 tour.

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