Second Miss Angel Model Contest Kicks Off in NY

By Pui See Tsang

Miss Angel Model Contest has kicked off now! This is a non-profit charity event that is hosted by the Chinese Chamber Of Commerce, American Asian Culture Society, and Hoocca Corp. Asian Fusion Magazine is also proud to be one of the co-organizers of this meaningful charity contest.

The purpose of this event is to promote love and contribution among young people. Although, most of the teenagers don’t have the financial strength to help the community, their hobbies and dreams can actually help them succeed and influence everyone around them. The aim is to make younger generations aware of the importance of charity, and enhance their willingness to provide contributions to the community. We want everyone to understand the principle that is to ‘love before being loved.’

The mission of the organization is to train a group of young female adults to harness their beauty from within and become role models for our community. Once they are equipped with the ability to stand out and become positive and influential role models, models are required to help raise awareness, particularly to the younger generation, about the importance of caring and contributing to our community. One of the core beliefs is that love makes everyone more beautiful, so it is the mission to spread love, as love is essential in becoming beautiful.

The target participants for this event are the younger female generation, between 16 to 35. Qualified persons must have good moral and strong characteristics, care about society, and have a loving personality to support charities. Last but not least, she must be a non-smoker.

After several phases of the competition, the winner will become a charity ambassador, a role model to promote charity events among young people, spokes model for sponsors, and appear in advertisements. In addition, the winner will have a chance to become a cover girl for magazines. The proceeds from this event will all be donated to nonprofit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Greater Chinatown Community Association in order to benefit people who need help from the society.

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