Recap of AsianInNY’s 4th Annual Moon Festival and Fashion Show

AsianInNY 4th Annual Moon Festival event. Photo by Vincent Wei















Photo by Vincent Shihchieh Wei

AsianInNY held their 4th Annual Moon Festival Celebration and Fashion Show on September 22nd. The celebration was filled with spectacular performances which included music, singing, dancing and great laughs. Bringing in close to 600 people, the auditorium located in the basement of the Chinese Community Center on 62 Mott Street, Chinatown, had barely enough space for everyone. Everybody was mingling and getting to know each other before the show started, which was great since everybody else was getting prepared to bring their “A”-game for the night’s festivities.

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The MC for the night was Brian Jian, a comedian who kept the crowd laughing and did a great job keeping the audience engaged. The singers also did not disappoint and were a pleasant surprise since there was such variety on our show.

Brian Jian

These performers included Eric G. who sang with such soul and attitude. You could feel the passion in his voice when he was sang his heart out.

Eric G.

Setsuko, with the help of her four beautiful backup dancers, did a fantastic job mixing choreography and singing. She had a very provocative and edgy outfit which added to her stage presence and singing. At one point, it looked as if she was the one who created all the songs she sang yet when she finished, we then realized one of the songs was actually a cover. To be able to perform such a great rendition was a gift.


Triangle Offense’s clever lyrics and power stage presence had people cheering all the way through. One of their songs in particular, which was a cover of Carly Rae Jaspen’s hit single, “Call Me Maybe”, brought the crowd to tears laughing and yet they loved it because of their own flavor they added to the mix.

Triangle Offense

Finally Austin and Izzy, whose voices were so soft and melodic, bought everyone to a hush. With such a soft and soothing voice, everyone laid back and smiled at such relaxing music. Although all of the performers at our show were all so different, they were all special as well. Be sure to keep an eye on these wonderful artists, as they will definitely become successful in the future!

Austin and Izzy

Although the singing portion was superb, it wasn’t just limited to that for the show. There were two groups that represented two distinct art forms. The first was The New York Crimson Kings who played the drum, fife, and bugle. Though still young, they showed their expertise in the instruments they carried as well as looking absolutely adorable.

The New York Crimson Kings

The next up was the The New York Chinese Cultural Center who performed the classic and traditional dance which originated from China. They were elegant and agile in their movement and looked as if princesses took the stage instead of young dancers.

The New York Chinese Cultural Center

In addition, there was the beautiful Ayano and Rie, who as experts of belly dancing, showed off their knowledge of the art through dynamic movements and artistry. Their movements were so mesmerizing and beautiful, the crowd was definitely at awe.

Ayano and Rie

The night ended with a fashion show filled with beautiful and breathtaking “all-Asian” models who worked the runway with amazing confidence and aggressiveness. They owned the show with their fierce attitude as they strutted down the runway. They kept the audience captivated from beginning to end. The models were dolled up by Haruo Noro Salon stylists and dressed in trendy pieces by AnGG New York womenswear collection and BARQUE New York menswear line. Kallisti Fashion and Shan Shui Gallery also provided jewelry and accessories with handbags designed by ModaRévisé. All of the models were so beautiful that they were beyond what mere words could describe. The collection itself was such a modern feel and a unique flair to it. It was great to see a sneak peak of what will be in fashion for next year.

AnGG New York Fashion show

Barque New York Fashion Show

Haruo Noro Salon Team

Throughout the night, the Red Carpet Arrival Photo Booth station was extremely busy. There were so many fabulously fashionable attendees that night, people had to wait on a long line! Regardless though, many persevered for that picture on the Red Carpet. On the other hand, a great deal of others were interested in the silent auction. Luckily for the huge audience we had, there were many items being auctioned away! One of the biggest items being auctioned away, was a black leather bag donated by ModaRévisé which retailed at $500. It was a shame that we couldn’t participate.


For the audience, the show wasn’t the only thing that was interesting. The booths set up by a few of our sponsors looked exceptionally well, especially the Taiwan Tourism Bureau station where they gave away simple yet fashionable polo shirts and shared with attendees all the useful information and special deals to visit Taiwan! Some of our favorites were the delicious food from Nom Wah Tea Parlor, fresh sushi from Mika Japanese Cuisine & Bar, and beautifully packaged onigiri boxes from Teado. Besides the great variety of food selections, we also love all the amazing drinks including the bubble teas from Quickly (always a great drink to have), Oolong tea infused champagne from Jhen Tea, and refreshing bottle drinks from IZZE, VIVALOE and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Of course, you couldn’t miss the center of the Moon Festival celebration – moon cakes! Audiences were busy trying out those delicious moon cakes from Sheng Kee which also offered a special 10% off exclusive to the event. One of the busiest tables was definitely the paper cut portraits station where Master Ming Liang Lu was able to craft paper into portraits!

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Amazing giveaways from our sponsors

It was such an amazing night and successful event. We can’t wait for the next one!

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