NYU TASS 2014 “Up All Night Market”

Article By Yvonne Lo
Photo credit Ingmar Chen

On April 3, NYU held its 2014 Taiwanese American Student Society (TASS) Night Market and it was a night to remember. It’s one of the largest Asian cultural events of the year. The event was held at NYU’s Eisner & Lubin Auditorium in Kimmel Center from 7 PM to 10 PM where college students gathered to enjoy the festivities of delicious Taiwanese food, authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, various raffles, games and prizes, and live entertainment that kept you energized.

The event’s co-hosts Calvin Lin and John Lim did a wonderful job entertaining the crowd throughout the night. They informed the crowd of the various game booths available, such as angry birds, chopstick challenge, ring toss, bubble pong, rolling dice, poke-a-prize, matching mahjong, chopstick challenge, and a photo booth. It took people several tries, but it was worth it. After winning a game, the player receives raffle tickets, which can be exchanged for small prizes, or a ticket in the lottery to win and IPad.

One of the most exciting parts of the night was the refreshments. There were two different brands of bubble tea served, Vivi and Coco, both refreshing and satisfying. And oh, the food! As I went around the table with my paper plate, the food kept piling on, so much that I could barely keep the food from falling off the plate. There was so much to eat – stinky tofu, Taiwanese style noodles, tea eggs, Taiwanese sausage, fried tempura, pork roll, oyster pancake, fried pork chop, Ba-wan, meat buns, and more! I was so full that I was barely able to finish the food on my plate. Can you say 食福 (chia̍h hok)?

The highlight of the event was the live performances from the talented artists. They all gave astounding performances and are the stars of the future. Recurring NYU artist, Jessica Choi returns to the stage to support TASS Night Market and blesses the crowd with her angelic voice. The night also featured singer Josephine Chen, dance crew Unique Movement, 2014 Ultra Violet Live winner Jonathan Evans, singer duo Christine Yoe and Vivian Chen, break-dancer Paul Lee, and singer Pocholo Valderrama.

The headliner band of the night was the talented rising rock band Andy Suzuki and the Method. The Urban Daily states that Andy Suzuki and the Method is one of the top 25 bands to look out for. After the night’s performance, I completely agree. They stole my heart and made a fan out of me. They kept the crowd pumped and feeling energized. Check out our interview with the headliner band, Andy Suzuki and the Method : (LINK HERE).

If you missed it this year, it’s alright. Just remember to mark your calendar for next year’s event. Don’t miss out on one of the largest Asian events of the year. If I may, I suggest you bring your appetite, because you will be able to enjoy authentic Taiwanese food to your heart’s content.

NYU’s 2014 TASS Night Market was sponsored by STA Travel, Monster Energy Drink, SONY, Microsoft, NYU Bookstore, and Chipotle. Thank you to the e-board members and volunteers for doing such a wonderful job. The night was a success and I cannot wait to see what NYU’s TASS will showcase at their next event.

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