NY NOW at the Jacob Javits Center

By Jasmin Justo

NY NOW is an annual three day exhibition held at the Jacob Javits Center, where emerging and established designers from around the world, display their creative innovative products. Some products enhance the beauty of the home others give a visual appeal while being practical. Ranging from posada shaped vases to alpaca throw rugs, the exhibition offers a variety of designer items suitable for any style.

One of the many astonishing products in the expo is the colorful glassware from California. Using traditional glass welding techniques, Dynasty Gallery, creates animal figures and little wonderlands inside each glass piece. Each piece is created by master craftspeople devoted to the art of decorative glass making. Ranging from $15 to $150, Dynasty Gallery offers affordable prices for a variety of glass shapes. www.dynastygallery.com

For designing the kitchen, the Middle Kingdom offers hand painted porcelain tableware in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a smooth finish and a color palette from smooth to bright colors, Middle Kingdom offers high quality tableware to suit any occasion. www.mkporcelain.com

D. Patterson Design Studio offers cutting boards made from genuine maple, cherry, and oak wood. Each piece is handmade and doesn’t use any chemicals to create its smooth surface. D. Patterson Design Studio offers polishing if requested. The company believes that everything in life is connected and is expressed through their efforts in only making handcrafted products with all natural wood. www. d.pattersonanddesignstudio.com

For the fun and spunky, Miya Company, Inc. offers creative and traditional Japanese inspired designs on everyday utensils. There are matching bowl and cup sets that create a small doll figure and peeping cats and owls on dinnerware. For the more traditional look, there are porcelain cups, bowls, and chopstick set with traditional Japanese nature designs. The company has been around for over a decade catering to the demand of affordable and stylish goods. www.miyacompany.com

For the holidays, Peter Priess, is an Austrian company that makes intricately hand painted eggs suitable as decorations or presents for the upcoming winter holidays, spring festivities or special occasions. Each egg is hand painted and decorated to suit any occasions such as silver sparkled eggs to small sparrows and hopping bunnies. Office@ppriess.at

There were a variety of innovative environmental friendly products; such as cashmere yarn dyed from colors of fruits and creams made from honey. Sustee is a new eco-friendly product from Japan that can help keep indoor plants happy. The Sustee is a stick that changes color to let you know if your plant is thirsty or had enough to drink. Without the need for batteries, this handy tool relies solely on the soil’s humidity to determine if it is dry or not. www.facebook.com/sustee2

Pipegram is also a Japanese company trying to bring their educational and fun 3D modeling kit to the U.S. The modeling kit is composed of bendable plastic pipes and plastic joints to connect them. The pipes are flexible enough to create 3D shapes can be built such as icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, and other sorts of polyhedrons. You can also make 3D figures such as frogs, snails, a ball, and a bicycle. Since they are soft and light weight, they are easily portable and safe to use for any age. www.pipegram.com

NY NOW also held panels in entrepreneurship and networking sessions for exhibitors and attendees. From poster size artwork to allergy friendly toys, NY Now is like strolling through the world‘s amazing items For those who could not attend, the NY NOW website has a list of exhibitors categorized by product. www.nynow.com.

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