NTD’s International Chinese Culinary Competition

Photo by Francis Latif

NTD’s International Chinese Culinary Competition aims to revive traditional Chinese culinary arts. 32 chefs from around the world competed in one of the five main categories of Chinese cuisine: Shandong, Huaiyang, Sichuan, Cantonese and Northeastern in the heart of Times Square on September 27th and 28th 2012.

The ambiance was the same as Iron Chef competition. Very exciting to see how these international chefs from South East Asian countries and US compete against each other.

Gold Medal winner, Chef Yichun Chen (Photo by Dai Bing)

In the end, SzeChuan Cuisine chef won the competition and he DONATED the money he won ($10K) to Shen Yun Performing Arts organization.

Chef Yichun Chen from Australia takes home the Gold Award and $10,000 for his Sichuan cuisine.

Chef Yichun Chen

Chef Wen-Chang Hsieh (Cantonese Cuisine) and Chef Kefeng Zhao (Sichuan Cuisine) were the two Silver Award winners, each taking home $3,000.

Eight chefs received honorable mentions: Xinyu Huang (Sichuan Cuisine), Yuhua Shi (Shandong Cuisine), Lei Qian (Huaiyang Cuisine), Xiaogang Wu (Huaiyang Cuisine), Junan Zhang (Huaiyang Cuisine), Kwai Loy Chan (Cantonese Cuisine), An Qing Li (Cantonese Cuisine) and Shi Xian Liu (Cantonese Cuisine).

Chef Alex Zhong (Northeastern Cuisine), Chef Masayuki Kanda (Northeastern Cuisine) and Chef Yu Yang Huang (Cantonese Cuisine) were the Bronze Award winners, each winning $1,000.

In keeping with the mission to promote traditional Chinese culture, NTD has hosted the annual International Chinese Culinary Competition for five years and has engaged more than 500 master chefs and food professionals.

For more, please visit: http://culinary.ntdtv.com/en/

Zhong Lee (NTD-TV president), Damian Santucci (Times Square Alliance), Lijuan Nania (chairwoman for 2012 NTD-TV International Competition Series)

Yvonne Yeh (Advisor, Strategic Partnership of NTD-TV) with AsianInNY Co-Founder

AsianInNY Co-founder with beautiful International Chinese Culinary Competition staff

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