New York Comic Con 2017: More Cosplayers and More Comics

What first began as just a Comic Book Convention in 1970 by a group of San Diego
residents has become a staple for not just comic books indulgers but also almost any fan group
imaginable. Not much of a comic book reader myself I was not quite sure what to expect when I
walked in the doors of the Javits Center Thursday afternoon. As soon as I stepped out of the N
train I was exposed to heaps of people of all different genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages etc.
From women dressed in mid evil gowns to families dressed as the Incredible to people not
donning a costume at all.

Comic Con has created a sense of community in which everyone is included. Frequently
characters portrayed in television that enjoy comics are referred to as geeks and outcasts. Not
only is reading comics considered an activity for people who do no belong but it goes even
further if the character enjoys cos playing. It takes one visit to Comic Con (if you can even find
tickets available) to realize that the group of people that enjoy comics and cos playing are not
just the stereotypical up-to-no-good lanky teen constantly displayed on television shows.

Marina, mother of two from Providence, took off work just to be able to cosplay as
Poison Ivy from Batman and be part of the amazing experience Comic Con has to offer. She let
out a boisterous laugh when asked why go to all the trouble to make it to Comic Con; “Where
else could I wear a red wig and green bodysuit made out of leaves and be complimented instead
of looked at like I was crazy?” Similar responses were distributed all around when I asked people
why they chose to attend Comic Con.

The most common response was that they felt as if they could be themselves and meet
people like them. The community that Comic Con has created has allowed certain individuals to
be who they truly are without worries of being judged or ostracized.

Many people think of just marvel comics when they think of Comic Con however there is
something for everyone; from My Little Pony booths to M&M Star Wars. The options were
endless, the maps of the place were extinct. At just 1pm no maps were available, it was every
person for themselves in the maze of people who looked as if they had just stepped out of a
comic book. Just when you thought you may have seen it all you run into a faux comic book
poster of President Trump.
The truth about the people that attend Comic Con is that there isn’t a prototype. You
cannot categorize them or attempt to pick them out of the crowd (unless they are cosplaying as
Princess Zelda). The truth is that Comic Con has created a community in which everyone is
welcome, costume or not, to delve into a fantasy world in which you can be anyone you choose
to be without any judgement.

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