New York Comic Con 2016

Article by Jasmin Justo

New York Comic Con 2016 is a one of the largest conventions dedicated to the love of comics, games, manga and everything nerdy! This year NYCC16 has expanded beyond the Jacob Javits Center and into other NYC venues such as the Madison Square Garden Theater, the Hammerstein Ballroom, Kinokuniya, and the Japan Society. In addition to expanding their events, this year NYComicCon hosted BookCon, attracting bookworms, poets, and writers to the convention for a day full of literary puns, trivia, author talks, book signings, and meeting influential publishers of the literary scene.

At the main entrance, there were already large crowds of cosplayers posing for photos and large banners promoting the newest movies of the year. The biggest promotions in the convention have been for the recent film Shin’s Godzilla. At the convention, there was a booth dedicated to everything Godzilla and limited edition Godzilla statues being sold. Another film with a large promotion was “Fantastic Beasts”. The booth had interactive videos giving attendees a walk through to all the new creatures they will get to see and behind-the-stage exclusives. At the Yu-Gi-Oh! booth, there was registration forms for voice auditioning for the upcoming 2017 movie, “Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions” . Plus there was a glass display of the original Yu-Gi-Oh cards including the original limited editions of the three legendary god cards; Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra. There was a large statue of newest white dragon, a photo booth where attendees can customize their photos into postcards and duel cards. At the “Star Trek: Discovery” booth, attendees can have a 4-D experience and take photos at the space commander chair. At the corner of the Javits Center, there was a huge exhibit dedicated to DC comic superheroes Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, and Supergirl with photo booths, displays of superheroes outfits from previous films, and interactive panels.

This year, Kondansha held a special exhibit of the “Attack on Titan” series and unveiled the “Attack on Titan” anthology Thursday afternoon. Shonen Jump had a special signing with manga creator Yusei Matsui of “Assassination Classroom” at Kinokuniya and a panel with the artist at the Japan Society. Yen Press hosted a special signing of the Spice & Wolf Collector’s Anniversary Edition with manga creator Isuna Hasekura at the Kinokuniya bookstore and at the Javits Center. The Yen Press booth were selling their newly acquired series, “Today’s Cerebus”, “Aoharu Machine Gun”, “Psycome”, and the limited edition “Fruit Basket Collector’s Edition” and giving away posters.

At the bottom floor, there was special screenings for upcoming television dramas and films such as Supernatural, AMC’s Humans, “Godzilla” and “Planet of the Apes”. There were also autograph sessions with photobooths at the fourth floor for attendees to meet their favorite authors and artists including the infamous Marvel creator Stan Lee.

The shopping booths have also expanded to include various size costumes, glow-in-the dark apparel, bathrobes and t-shirts with your favorite superhero logo. There was a wide variety of anime and superhero merchandise such as Haikyuu!! key chains and figurines, colorful animal plushies, paper and scroll posters, body and mini pillows.

Chevrolet was also at Comic Con with custom designed cars featuring popular characters from the recent movie, “Suicide Squad”, The Joker and Harley Quinn. There were other cars featuring popular animated series “My Little Pony” and “Transformers”. Chevrolet also hosted a photo fundraising campaign for breast cancer awareness. For every picture attendees share via Instagram or Twitter, Chevrolet would donate $5 towards the American Cancer Society.

At Artist Alley, comic-conners were able to selfie greet with their favorite artists, purchase artwork, request commissions and even get signings. At the back of the alley, there was a large color-in mural where anyone can color and write on. Some artist drew the commissions on the spot, showcasing their raw talent. This year there was a wider diversity in both artists and artistic styles. The art this year varied greatly in themes ranging from digital paintings of futuristic-style angels to Lolita goth-style superheroes. The South Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi, is famous for his intricately detailed drawings with complex perspectives. Many of his sketches contains a balance of fantasy elements and realism. He never uses photographs for reference, but simply uses his everyday observations of the world to draw. At the Artist Alley, he accepted limited number of commissions per day and would live paint or sketch each commission, allowing attendees to record or photograph him as he drew.

Overall, the convention experience is overwhelming with positive energy and a vibrant atmosphere, it is no wonder that the convention is four days long. With non-stop excitement and energetic people, it is a must-go to event for any pop culture fan.

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