MOCA 2015 Legacy Awards Gala

By Tatiana Ho

The Museum of Chinese in America had its annual Legacy Awards Gala on November 18th at The Pier. This event’s purpose was to contribute to architects and benefactors for creating a better world while also celebrating their achievements in Chinese communities. The events hosted many honorary guest such as Savio Tung, one of the first winners of the Starr Foundation scholarship, and Nancy Kwan, an American actress who was this year’s award winner of MOCHA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award was also given on October 25, 2015 to William C. Louie who is the founding design partner of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

Nancy Kwan was also accompanied by other prominent members in the Asian society such as Michelle Kwan and Clay Pall, Jennifer 8 Lee, Jennifer Lim, Maya Lin, Morris Vogel and Wen Zhou. Along with a successful attempt to raise money to continue to raise awareness for prominent members of the Asian Community, over $800,000 was raised at the gala alone by MOCA.

MOCA prides itself with a message to celebrate the living history of Chinese Americans; a goal to inspire the Asian community and in turn create more contributions to the successfulness of the evolving world. Events such as the gala housed at The Pier in downtown Manhattan are used to create awareness in the community about this nonprofit institution for education on the culture of Chinese heritage. MOCA’s ultimate goal is to provide a sense of unity within the Asian community through a combination of visitors, scholars, artists, activists, and even families. Creation of a sense of unity and pride within the Asian community will then open doors for more prominent Asian American representation in media, business, engineering, and even the art world.

William C. Louie, Nancy Kwan, and Savio Tung

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