By Merry Wu

On Wednesday September 12, JOOR held a reception party at the courtyard in Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

JOOR is known as the future of the wholesale marketplace for their use of digital means to connect brands to potential retail buyers. Currently JOOR is associated with over 10,000 buyers and 400 contemporary brands. It lets all companies and buyers conduct businesses faster online instead of the slow way of ordering through paper and waiting for processing to happen.

As a next step to take advantage of new technology, JOOR released an app for wholesale companies to make it easier to sell and see their orders on their iPads. Now due to popular demand JOOR will be releasing an app specifically for potential buyers in February 2013.

This reception was held for all potential buyers to gain a first sneak peak look at this new JOOR app on the iPad.

As people entered the courtyard and enjoy themselves to snacks and drinks at a mini bar, they would meet with JOOR representatives carrying around an Ipad to demonstrate the new technology at their hands. This new app will serve the same function as the app for brand companies; letting buyers order and see their orders in just a tap away!

Of course JOOR will still continue to hold the same services online at their site making business easier for the future.

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