Enchanted Formosa: An enigmatic travel through one hundred years of Taiwanese Music

By Rubianny Alvarado

Music has the ability to take us on a journey through time. When we listen to old songs we find ourselves overcome with emotions associated with our state at the time. It is this melancholy, however joyous, feeling that Taiwanese artists evoked during their rendition of 100 years-worth of emotion evoking music.

Enchanted Formosa invites you to be taken on a journey of soulful music complete with invigorating artists. Hsieh Yu-Wei Band along with, Tan Teng Teng, Ma Nan, Macy Chen & Loren Daniels, Shan Y Chaung and Han Hsiao allowed us to travel back in time during their hypnotic performance.

Starting off the show, Hsieh Yu-Wei belted out enigmatic notes which left the audience speechless. Hsieh Yu-Wei is a singer, song writer, painter and more. Hsieh Yu-Wei band is made up of four members; Liu Hsu-Min on guitar, Rocco Chen on bass, Nash Kang on keyboard and Neishi Daisuke on drums. The band was founded by Hsieh in order to bring forth the unique style of Taiwan music. They mainly focus on traditional Taiwanese songs but also perform in many different languages.

The night would not have been complete without the quirky and delightful emcee; Eva Tseng who seamlessly led us through the different eras. She gave us background information about the socio-economic and political climate of Taiwan during each time period of each song. This allowed the audience to appreciate the music that much more for we felt more connected.

These potent artists infused their unique styles and diversity in order to make for an “enchanting” evening. You need not understand the language in which the songs being belted out to feel the emotional resonance of this riveting music.

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