Breitling Dazzles this Summer Night

Written by Alice Moy

Photographs by Alice Chin

On Aug 1st, Breitling hosted their Dazzling Summer Night Cocktail Party in their New York flagship store in collaboration with NTDTV. My first thought upon entering the watch boutique was that this was a beautiful oasis where even those with the shortest attention span can find something interesting to gaze at. On the walls, comic book style pop art was juxtaposed with recorded videos highlighting Breitling’s history and products. Watches were judiciously displayed with care with special timepieces enclosed in shrine-like cases.

Upon stepping into the press hour, President of Breitling USA Thierry Prissert was already speaking about his ambitions for the company, expansion into the Asian market, limited edition releases, and the one and only Breitling jet team. He also gave a overview of the independent family owned business, which has been Swiss based since 1884. Breitling has been making watches since the early 1930’s and 100% of all components are made in Switzerland. They are also unique because they develop their own movements, and are a standard of reliability and precision. Breitling is famous for the Navitimer watch, which was created in 1952, and is the only current mechanical chronograph watch that has been continuously manufactured since 1952. It’s pilot watch, which you could use to calculate ascending, descending time is well known in the aviation field.

Prissert, who embodies much of the Breitling persona, was charismatic and charming. With pride, he speaks about a new location opening soon in Las Vegas. Prissert is also excited about Breitling’s is plan to open their first flagship store in Beijing in a luxury mall at the end of August 2012 and another store will be announced soon for Hong Kong. He talked about the large spectrum of watches (900 styles in NY store) and the worldwide best seller, the Chronomat 44, their first watch with in house movement. Prissert also mentions that John Travolta (actor aviator and major spokesman for Breitling) was revealing the limited edition Breitling Navitimer Blue Sky watch in Singapore that very night.

Following the Q&A session, Prissert personally showed press attendees the Transocean Chronograph Unitime watches which utilizes one of Breitling’s in house world-time movements. The watch is set with 24 cities encircling the dial. During travel, one can simply turn the crown of the watch to adjust for time differences. The chronograph function continues to operate while the world time is being changed. As Prissert explains in watchmaker language, this is a “complication” that sets their watches apart from all others. This can also account for Breitling’s high-end retail prices, as products are also clearly collector-worthy investments.

President of Breitling USA Thierry Prissert with E-Star host Ying ying Zhang

Later in the night, guests and Asian diplomats arrived. The party was rich with good company and it was definitely welcome respite from anyone’s usual mid-week routine! Delectable Asian finger foods were served. As the night progressed, Prissert took the stage again with E-Star [Ying Ying Zhang], a popular host from NTD branding program. Both parties spoke to the guests about Breitling’s brand and it’s bright future. The host spoke happily about her newly bestowed “dream” Breitling watch.

Throughout the night, guests were enticed to enter a raffle for several prizes. Raffle cards contained several Breitling-oriented questions.   The boutique associates were more the able to help us answer any questions we had trouble on, and were able to share even more when I asked. The answers were important since the ultimate prize was a Breitling watch!  When we asked one of the staff the most expensive watch they carry at the store, he answered it’s around $450,000.  Well, we can definitely tell since it’s just absolutely stunning!

Lucky winners with Lisa Roman (Marketing Director of Breitling USA)

During the drawing, anticipation mounted when one man won a silk tie and another won a wallet. Then the winner of the watch was called. A rousing cheer went out to wonderful Cindy, a newfound member of AsianinNY. She won the Breitling Transocean watch and it is featured on an Ocean Classic bracelet (retailing over $5,495)!

Cindy Chen with Jean Bernard Diez (Store manager Breitling USA)

We all clamoured to take pictures with Cindy and her new Breitling watch!

AsianInNY posing with lucky winner Cindy Chen

Qing Lu, NTDTV’s VP of Development, greeted me warmly after the raffle drawing and I expressed my delight about the party. It was a most superb event for both Breitling and NTDTV. She was enthusiastic about my reception to the events and mentioned NTDTV’s future events. “On September 27th and 28th, we are having a culinary competition. We would love for [AsianinNY] to come attend.” Here’s to another event to look forward to!

Qing Lu, NTDTV’s VP of Development (on the right)

AsianInNY Founders with Yvonne Yeh (NTDTV Executive Producer)

The second level was complete with a range of women’s watches that would tickle anyone’s fancy.

Sophisticated, elegant, and powerful are just a few words to describe the watches from high-end Swiss label Breitling. Existing since 1884, Breitling watches has serviced professional aviators and it tauts the logo “instruments for the professionals”.  Breitling is now favored by not only by aero professionals, but travelers and collectors.

Everyone goes home with a beautiful giftbag from Breitling

Good luck to Breitling’s expansion in the US and Asian markets. Also thank you to NTDTV for the invitation!

Guesrts can't wait to try on Breitling watches

Alice Moy asking staff questions of Breitling watches

Reception packed with media

catering of this event is provided by ICHIBAN

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