AsianInNY Hosted “Girlfriend * Boyfriend” Advanced Film Screening

By Keen Hung Lee hosted an advanced film screen to invite 200 media, VIPs and special guests to enjoy the movie “Girlfriend * Boyfriend” before its general release on Aug 3rd.  The event was sponsored by China Lion Entertainment at AMC Empire 25 on 42nd street at Times Square in New York City.

Girlfriend * Boyfriend is the second feature by writer-director Yang Ya-che (winner for Best Director at the 2008 Taipei Film Awards for “Orz Boys”) and with leading actor Joseph Chang who just won The 14th Taipei Film Awards Best Actor. The rest casts include many popular actors such as Lun-mei Guey, and Rhydian Vaughan.

The movie, “Girlfriend Boyfriend”, depicts the sociopolitical upheaval of Taiwan in the 1980s through a love triangle of three friends, Liam, Mabel and Aaron. While fighting for freedom and for what they believe in on school grounds, these three individuals become tangled in their personal problems and struggle to live liberally during the changing years in Taiwan. The relationship becomes complicated as each of them witnesses the intimacy and battle of love and friendship. Mabel loves Liam who likes Aaron, who has his eyes on Mabel.  The friendship takes a toll on them as each of them realizes their actions only lead them to hurt one another. Unaware of Liam’s feelings for Aaron, Mabel repeatedly displays her affection towards Aaron who reciprocates it in front of Liam. The movie raises the attention of the gay community through the interaction of this relationship. Mabel’s love towards Liam blinded her to see that Liam had suffered greatly from suppressing his feelings toward Aaron and his boyfriend. At the same time, Mabel finds herself in a secured and comfortable state with Aaron as he reminds her with the words; “I want to hold you like this, forever and ever”.  When Mabel discovers that she is pregnant with Aaron’s twins, she attempts to patch things up with Aaron, who only strays away from wanting to do the same. In the end, Mabel wakes up from all that has happened, and gives herself a chance to rekindle the friendship she once shared with Liam. As Liam and Mabel return to the “water” where they had once felt comfortable being with each other, the audience can see how Mabel’s decision brought Liam the best out of him and eventually, a happiness he never thought he would have with the twins.

“Girlfriend Boyfriend” is a mind-provoking and self-realization movie. It’s a must-watch movie to end the summer. “GF-BF” will remind or make the audience become more aware of how far society has come a long way in respect for the gay community. I think “GF-BF” portrayed this aspect very well through an intimate but strong relationship among Liam, Mabel and Aaron. I thought the choice of the sexual choreography was chosen carefully in depicting the love shared between the three. I felt that Mabel’s character development was influential and caused an immense impact on both Aaron’s and Liam’s characters, in which brought them to a realization of themselves and what they want in life. The movie raises many themes such as love, trust, friendship, and betrayal, and different perspectives, in which people neglect to acknowledge in life.

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