Taiwan’s PHARMANO Prevents Hair Loss and Scalp Aging

A proper appearance is a good indicator of self-confidence, which is why your hair is so important. But with daily stresses and a Westernized diet, not to mention the fact that most people lack sufficient knowledge of scalp care and unintentionally damage their scalps, hair loss has become one of the most common First-World afflictions.

Women want to be beautiful, so they buy thousands of skin care products. But guess what? Just like the face, the scalp also needs maintenance! Moreover, prevention is better than cure!

The scalp is closely related to facial skin. Therefore, whether it is due to a naturally poor scalp or stress and an improper diet, the result is the same: thin, rough hair, or hair that easily falls out or breaks off. These are the first signs of aging, and they make it difficult to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair.

Have you ever heard your grandparents say that if you put breast milk on children’s lashes, they will grow long and thick? My grandmother had many of these remedies, including coating the head with breast milk to make the hair grow lush and black, using it as a facial moisturizer, putting it on mosquito bites to stop the itch, and putting it on wounds. She thought breast milk was better than any ointment. You could say it was essential medicine for home and travel.

My grandmother’s remedies aside, why do elders think that breast milk is so amazing?

While breast milk contains thousands of nutrients, its main ingredients are protein, vitamin A, folic acid, nicotinic acid, carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, chlorine, copper, iodine, iron, sodium, and zinc. It contains all the nutrients a baby needs to grow strong in his or her first year of life.

Breast milk also contains many bioactive peptides (BAPs), known to most people as growth factors, including epidermal growth factor (EGF). You are probably also familiar with lactoferrin, which has been scientifically proven to regulate gastrointestinal absorption and inhibit bacterial growth. Studies have shown that lactoferrin applied to burns on laboratory mice had anti-inflammatory, wound healing, hair follicle activation, and other positive effects.

Taiwan’s Agricultural Technology Research Institute has extracted the active ingredient from bovine colostrum and obtained international patents. After a decade of research, Taiwanese scientists have patented the active ingredient Hairlycin®. It is based on the core concepts of cellular and molecular biology, and has been awarded patents in Taiwan, China, and the United States.

Its mechanism of action is to activate the hair follicle dermal papilla cells. This promotes hair follicle regeneration, reactivates atrophied hair follicles, strengthens and thickens the viagra sans ordonnance hair bulb matrix, and improves the hair growth rate and tensile strength, thereby allowing hair to grow thick and strong. Simultaneously, it also promotes melanin cell proliferation and a large amount of melanin synthesis, which delays the greying of hair.

Significant hair growth can be achieved within a few weeks without the use of current over-the-counter pharmaceutical ingredients. Unlike Hairlycin®, the topical medication Minoxidil is known to cause scalp irritation and allergies; similarily, the oral medication Finasteride may cause side effects, such as sexual dysfunction. Hairlycin®, however, can naturally enhance the scalp’s antioxidant defense systems and strengthen the hair growth environment.

To our understanding, this technology has already been transferred to the manufacturer, the hair-care product is already on the market, and it has been approved by the U.S. FDA and EU laboratories for use in stimulating hair regeneration. Hairlycin® belongs to a new generation of drug-free hair-growth products, which will undoubtedly benefit the many people plagued by hair loss. And Renorigin Innovation institute Co., Ltd. has obtained the licensing exclusively to this technology. by The chairman, Jeng yi-chun, Chairman of Renorigin Innovation institute said, after collaborating with ATRI (Agricultural Technology Research Institute), results have shown the technology is able to improve hair growth rates up to 75%. In addition, this technology has attracted Paul Mitchell, the famous American hair products and styling tool company’s attention.

There are three phases of the hair-growth cycle: growth, decline, and dormancy. When hair enters the dormancy phase, it will stop growing, and the hair follicles will start preparing to enter the next phase. As the new hair begins to grow, the dormant hair will gradually begin to fall out. For this reason, the average person loses approximately 50-100 dormant hairs per day.

Many people have the misconception that the scalp does not need any special care, and that as long as the scalp is clean, they won’t suffer hair loss. But, in fact, there are numerous reasons for hair loss. Keeping the scalp clean is merely the beginning; nutrition and lifestyle must also be taken into account in order to achieve true scalp care.

Typically in the fight against balding, the root cause must first be identified. The two most common causes are hair follicle inflammation and hormonal imbalances related to male-pattern baldness. According to the information currently available, it appears that hair-care products containing lactoferrin may be of some help for hair loss caused by inflammation.

How to determine scalp aging?

These are the signs of an aging scalp: sensitivity, oiliness, greying and balding.
Sensitivity: 1. Sensitive scalp 2. Dry scalp 3. Scalp laxity;
Oiliness: 1. Mild hair loss 2. Scalp oil imbalance 3. Thinning, brittle hair;
Greying and balding: 1. Greying hair 2. Balding.

How to care for an aging scalp?

In fact, if you want a healthy scalp and beautiful hair, you need to care for them every day!
To keep your scalp healthy, it’s not necessary spend a lot of money at a salon—just make these simple lifestyle changes:
1. Practice stress management and relaxation.
2. Reduce consumption of high-fat foods and avoid spicy foods. Ensure adequate nutrition intake.
3. Maintain a healthy daily routine.
4. Avoid acid rain because reactive oxygen species (ROS), including peroxides, damage scalp cells.
5. Replenish hair follicles with nutritional supplements to activate blood vessels and stimulate cell regeneration.
6. Do not use medicated hair-growth products. Instead, choose products that stimulate the body’s own self-healing powers.

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