S.H.E. Summit Week Press Breakfast: Highlighting Incredible Female Entrepreneurs

Chrissy Crawford, Claudia Chan, Chrissy Crawford, Rachael Chong

On Monday, June 18, 2012 at Dermalogica Academy, a new kind of event for women, S.H.E. (She Helps Empower) Summit Week launches!  S.H.E. Summit Week, a series of grassroots, pop-up events created by Claudia Chan, is designed to inspire and celebrate women.  S.H.E. Summit Week is New York City’s first “women’s week” of events designed for, by and about women to inspire each other in work, life & everything in between. The inaugural summit includes more than 35 events taking place around the city, June 18-24, and hosted by woman-run organizations and their inspiring leaders.

Claudia Chan and Rachael Chong

Claudia Chan and S.H.E. Summit Week sponsor Dermalogica hosted the press breakfast at Dermalogica Academy which also works to empower women through its nonprofit joinFITE.org that helps female entrepreneurs around the world to start or grow a business.  Entrepreneur Claudia Chan, the brains behind S.H.E. Summit Week, spoke at the press breakfast at Dermalogica in New York and explained the reasons why she wanted to create S.H.E. Summit Week and why she quit her role with Shecky’s as the former president of Shecky’s Media where we got to know Claudia as the master of networking queen at all the fun Girls Night Out Shopping events.  Now, with a new determination, Claudia starts her own project, ClaudiaChan.com, a website for women that covers lifestyle and business issues, she wants to inspire women to dream and do big!

4 female entrepreneurs spoke during the press breakfast as a kickoff for the S.H.E Summit Week.

First one up was Claudia Chan, she is the founder of ClaudiaChan.com and S.H.E. Summit Week. ClaudiaChan.com is a for-purpose women’s lifestyle media brand that showcases exclusive interviews with some of today’s most remarkable female business, nonprofit and social change leaders. The site was designed by Claudia Chan, a media entrepreneur and motivational women’s lifestyle expert, to make the personal stories and advice of accomplished female role models more accessible to young professionals who are looking for inspiration and support on their own journey. ClaudiaChan.com provides resources to help women navigate every stage of their personal and professional lives, covering more than 25 lifestyle topics that include entrepreneurship, career transition, negotiating, motherhood, relationships and finding balance.

Claudia Chan

Second one was Rachael Chong, the CEO and founder of Catchafire.  Catchafire matches professionals who want to give their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help using a variety of characteristics including skills, cause interests, and availability. The organization helps nonprofits and social enterprises identify their needs as short-term, discrete, and individual-based projects to make it easy for professionals to help without interrupting their busy daily lives. Catchafire is a New York City-based, for-profit social mission business and a certified B-Corporation.

Rachael Chong

Third speaker was Chrissy Crawford, founder and director of ArtStar.  ArtStar opens up the world of contemporary art by creating a place where art lovers can buy limited-edition prints and original works by some of the most gifted artists working today—at pretty amazing prices. With art selected by an all-star team of curators and art experts who search the world for artists whose work is truly special, ArtStar takes the guesswork out of collecting. The company collaborates with artists to create numbered, authenticated, limited-edition prints of their work, which are available only through ArtStar.

Chrissy Crawford

Last speaker was Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code.  Girls Who Code is working to educate, inspire and equip 13- to 17-year-old girls from under-served communities with the skills and resources to pursue careers in STEM. Girls Who Code teaches participants a computer coding language, helps them develop basic software development skills, and works to inspire them to enter STEM careers. Twenty girls will attend the first-ever program in New York City, complete with field trips to local start-ups and companies, and accompanied by yearlong outreach initiatives, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities to realize each participant’s potential.

Reshma Saujani

It was a very meaningful and inspiring event and we look forward to attending the rest of S.H.E. Summit Week events this week!

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