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The complexities of building a business to accrue income while living a faith based life that at its core teaches that money is the root problem of many of todays issues is a fine line if ever there was one. For Krisy Han, a multi-talented artist of many shades in the world of entertainment and specifically in the beauty industry, has tackled just those type of obstacles. She was able to meld the two when she took on the position of beauty consultant for Mary Kay products with an eye towards building her brand to secure a more stable future while helping others on the way.

“It’s fun. I’m starting a new chapter, I’m more mature and stable,”Krisy Han said, “I recognize the value in Mary Kay. I just haven’t found a better company.”

Han is a social media marvel and the time she puts into it has produced positive patterns and her research has led her to start her own business model in Mary Kay. While many fail to fully utilize the tools available to them, Han has explored its limits in deciding that this brand was a mutual fit.

“Everyone has an online presence but not everything is organized or manageable,” Han said, “It’ a business. You have to be mindful of that. Your investing time and money and all these resources so you want to be productive with it.”

Mary Kay has empowered women to build an independent source of income to arm them in a world that since the 1960’s kept them dependent on men. It is this same spirit that resonates in Krisy and pushes her to break the glass ceilings imposed on females in this society.

“Mary Kay started this brand for women who didn’t have these opportunities and even in America, it was still a man’s world then. I want to help my brand to help women and enrich peoples lives. “

Faith. It’s a hallmark of Mary Kay which is a Christian company and whose motto “Do unto others what you want them to do to you” which comes out of Matthew 7:12 in the bible. It was another source of attraction for Han who is serious about her beliefs and found it a natural reflection on how she wanted to do business.

“My faith keeps me grounded in my perspective of the world,” Han said, “Many in business are open to using any method to get ahead,” Han said, I’m only offering to help. I’m not just out to make a buck. Obviously it’s a business and you want to make money but it’s not a priority to me to keep the money as the focus, but help people.”

Han, who came here from South Korea as an eight year old, learned early on how to market the skills she developed as she grew up here. Now 32, she has been able to transpose many of those experiences to fit her current position which is business oriented.

“I’ve done a lot of creative things. In regards to working in the beauty industry it’s great to marry all those creative aspects of art,” Han said, “I consider beauty consulting art. If it is the skin, its medical and technical but also creative in the way I do it. Having a background in photography, theater and film helps in working in beauty.”

As an Asian-American and a woman in business, it can serve as a double negative in a world that still is male-dominated, surrounding them on all fronts. But for Han, being these things counts not as a debit, but a very significant credit that sees her banking good intent to build a nest egg of people responsive to truth in business dealings and in their lives.

“I don’t see being Asian and a woman as a disadvantage. Women have their own unique qualities that endear them to clients,” said Han, “In a business sense we are more caring in customer service and are more open. As a Korean, an Asian in America, I try to stay true to myself.”

In that spirit Han has extra motivations in this endeavor. The Korean family, unlike American families, value their parents and consider their welfare a natural extension of the familial responsibilities. Han is a believer in this tradition and is bound by it.

“I want to be self sufficient and help support my parents,” Han explained, “They are aging and not getting any younger.”

Living in the big city we tend to lose our community ties and evolve into a sea of strangers. Han navigates these waters by giving to charities and providing a helping hand whenever the opportunity arises.

“New York City is so vast that it can become impersonal. I want to run a business where clients see their vision come to fruition. Once that trust is achieved, loyalty follows.” Han said.

In the end this single, motivated grinder who is working her business every day to her limits is proving that in her part of the entrepreneurial pie, one doesn’t have to force feed a clientele to get the most out of it. After all, a person who sells is really offering themselves and that’s what people see.

“I want to be a person who is not so much about outward appearances even if it’s my industry.”

Krisy Han holds licenses in cosmetology and esthetics. She is currently working on her brand as a wedding planner. For more, please visit:

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