China Institute Convenes U.S. and Chinese CEOs to Discuss U.S.-China Relations in the New World Order

China Institute brought together top U.S. and Chinese CEOs, government leaders, and experts to discuss changing business relations between the two nations at the 2018 Executive Summit at the Harvard Club of New York, “U.S.-China Business in the New World Order.”

Historically, business has been the ballast that has anchored the U.S.-China relationship during difficult times, but frustration is rising, and there is growing concern about the overall health of the bilateral relationship. In this complex new era for U.S.-China relations, the Executive Summit examined challenges in both countries and explore opportunities for American and Chinese businesses to work together.

“The conference takes place at a time of great uncertainty. As the United States promotes its America First policy, and China expands its global influence through One Belt One Road, nationalist and populist sentiments in both countries are on the rise,” said China Institute President James Heimowitz. “It’s increasingly important to find practical ways in which businesses can flourish and work together, underpinning the world’s most important bilateral relationship. This conference aims to add nuance to a conversation that is too often portrayed in black and white terms.”

Speakers at the Summit included:

Under Secretary of Commerce Gilbert B. Kaplan
Henry M. Paulson, Jr., former Secretary of Treasury and Chairman of the Paulson Institute
Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and former IMF chief John Lipsky
MIT Professor Huang Yasheng, and Columbia University SIPA Dean Merit Janow
National Governors Association President Scott Pattison
Scott Pattison, President, U.S. National Governors Association
Sing Wang, former CEO, TPG China, CEO, SM Seven Star Acquisition Corporation
Winston Ma, former Managing Director, CIC, CEO, China Silkroad Investment Capital
Pin Ni, President, Wanxiang USA
Daniel Rosen, Rhodium Group founder
Ning Yuan, President, China Construction America

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