25th Anniversary of the Jiangsu – New York Sister Partnership

By Xi Lu

People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and Confucius Institute for Business (SUNY) presents 25th Anniversary of the Jiangsu- New York Sister Partnership at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The aim of this celebration is to reinforce the relationship between New York and Jiangsu Province. Therefore, both can build power and influence for the different communities, and to increase the civic participations of Asian Americans in New York City and vice versa.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in New York Guoxiang Sun

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in New York Guoxiang Sun opens the ceremony with his welcoming speech. Then it is followed by the President & CEO of Empire State Development and Commissioner of the New York State Department of Economic Development Mr. Kenneth Adams. He was also the founding Executive Director of New York Cares.

Jiangsu is an eastern coastal province of the People’s Republic of China. It is the province with the highest population density in China. Jiangsu is home to many of the world’s leading exporters of electronic equipment, chemicals and textiles. It has also been China’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment since 2006. Its nominal GDP as of 2013, based on 2013 exchange rates, is more than half the size of India’s. The province’s transportation network is the most developed in China. Jiangsu is also a center of education and science and has the highest density of academic institutions, and has one of the highest percentages of educated people in China.

Moreover, the partnership between Jiangsu Province and New York State is relatively based on the educational institutions, such as the close relationship between Nanjing University and State University of New York, which is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States with nearly 3 million SUNY alumni worldwide.

This year’s celebration is focusing on the cultural program of the ceremony, including a Documentary of the 25th Anniversary and providing opportunities that will be benefit all of us following by a reception. The delegation was received by government officials at every stop. The highlight was joining members of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of sister-state/province relations between Jiangsu Province and New York State. The delegation reconfirmed New York’s commitment to continued business and trade relations with Jiangsu Province.

Sally Crimmins Villela

Ms. Sally Crimmins Villela is assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs of the State University of New York. She said about accomplish their goal of discussing and exploring business and trade cooperation at various levels in both Jiangsu Province and New York State. Capitalizing on the extraordinary opportunities that exist for American companies, the Asian American Business Development Center organized the first of its trademark trade missions.

Kenneth Adams

She raises important issues regarding the future collaboration of the SUNY and Nanjing University in China. As the demographic population shifts to a higher number, the government agencies and community service must provide respond to the needs in the community. With the growing number of Asians actively participating in New York, there is a lot of new challenges and responsibilities of their new place at the table. Increasing economic contributions of Asian New Yorkers, there is also an expansion and growth from local to regional to even international markets.

Jan Berris

Following guest is Ms. Jan Berris from the National Committee on United States-China Relations. She has been actively involved in the visits to the United States of hundreds of Chinese delegations, including the 1972 Chinese Ping Pong Team, the first PRC group to come to this country. She herself has traveled to China about 150 times since 1973. Her experience working with Jiangsu spans five decades. She also mentioned that the memorial date of the following day is exactly the same day when she accompanied Jiangsu Governor Gu Xiulian’s delegation to Albany for the signing of the letter of intent for a sister province – state relationship between Jiangsu and New York 20 years ago. In order to celebrate it, she has brought a gift for them today.

Robert Thomas

Mr. Robert Thomas is the President of Global Specialty Lines at AIG Property Casualty. He has held various executive positions, including Regional President for South East Asia/ China and Country Head of AIA Life China. New York City and metropolitan areas across the United States have experienced significant shifts in their demographic, key industries, financial resources, and aging infrastructure in recent decades such as China. Therefore more opportunities and international affairs are indeed necessary for both countries. He will carry on encouraging companies to develop their business in both places.

Ziying Fu

Last but not at least, the enclosure is followed by Mr. Ziying Fu, Vice-Governor of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province since 2011. He studied at Boston University and holds a PhD in Economics and is a Certified Public Accountant.

To make it more special, the celebration is integrated by an extraordinary cultural program at the end:

Linghiu Tu & Chunnuan Liu- Chinese Opera Performance
Sichuan Opera – Face Change
Kun Opera- Visit the Garden
Pekin Opera Repertoire
-Presenting Pearl on the Rainbow Bridge
Mingmei Yip – Guqin Performance
Confucius Reading the Yijing
Drinking Spree
Evening Flight of the Crow
Old Tooper’s Chant
Flowing Water
Immortals of the Magpie Bridge
The Way that can be Named is not the Unchanging Way
Wei Zhang – Calligraphy Performance

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