Congratulations to Alice Moy: Scholarship Winner to Study in Siena, Italy

AsianInNY and Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance (ILICA) is taking the first step towards a new cultural generation that is not definable by race or religion but on the interests and efforts asserted by all – a path to true ‘Inter-Cultural Alliance’.  Together, both organizations strive to achieve this global understanding through social events, arts, performances, education, literature, and charity.  Serving as a complimentary instrument towards the first step to this future, ILICA and University for Foreigners of Siena (UNISTRASI) offer a one month scholarship to AsianInNY members and after carefully 6 months screening, we have chosen Alice Moy as a recipient to receive this wonderful opportunity for cultural heritage and experience exchange to study and travel in Siena Italy.


Alice Moy is a recent graduate of Dean’s List and Full tuition merit scholarship  from Macaulay Honors College, Baruch College – CUNY.  Alice, a Chinese-American who has spent her whole life growing up on the border between Little Italy and Chinatown in New York, has a great deal of interests in Italian culture began at a very early age.  Alice is also a world traveler who studied in Hong Kong during Fall Semester 2009 and she is always eager to discover more ways to experience authentic culture and language by immersing herself to travel to foreign places.  We are very happy with our choices as we believe Alice will be our student ambassador to represent AsianinNY to study at UNISTRASI in Siena, an ideal location for learning because it is a city of great significance in Italy’s illustrious history.

We congratulate Alice for being chosen for this one of a life time opportunity that is offered by ILICA and UNISTRASI.  We will keep a blog for you all to read Alice’s experience in Italy so we can all learn and grow with her throughout her exciting journey to see Italian culture through a deeper meaning and different perspectives.  Bon voyage, we will see you back in New York after the summer!

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