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Throughout my time in Siena, several of my European friends have called me out as “such a tourist” for taking so many pictures. To them, this month here is for fun and studying, just like me. They found it odd that I would (and still do, to a lesser degree) whip out my camera to snap the food I ate/cooked, the people I was with, and retaking shots that I found unsatisfactory (particularly of the Torre de Mangia and Il Campo in general)!

It’s true that it isn’t commonplace to take pictures of simple dishes you cook everyday, but to me the course of regular life is sometimes the best aspects to capture in photos. I’ll always remember how great it was to take in the sight of the Colosseum–it’s a feeling I’ll never forget. The same feeling of euphoria comes from looking at my monstrous creation of tuna&pesto pasta mixed with sweet chunks of cherry tomatoes. Without that picture, I don’t think I would remember how hard it was to maneuver in a cramped kitchen where pots/utensils are shared by several dozens of students daily—cleanliness is definitely not second nature for all.

After coming back from Rome, I haven’t done much exciting. I went to class, took countless hours uploading pictures onto my blog posts whenever I could get internet access, and bought some gifts. I went out to the Campo on Monday night, only to fall asleep on the cool bricks. In the midst of it, I have taken virtually no pictures for these past four days because I’ve been focused on uploading what I already have. [I’m also going to blame the heat since it’s an easy target. It’s been floating over 30 degrees Celsius, which is from mid-80s to over 90 degrees in Farenheit!]

In any case, many friends reading my blog have been asking for me to put up MORE pictures. If you only know how hard I’m trying already.. The part below here will slowly but surely be filled with some pictures of daily life–and of course, more food pictures as requested!

"bella vista social pub" one of the nightly hangout spots homemade: tuna pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes capricciosa pizza, from a nice restaurant appetizers at "Sira e Remino" restaurant, in Chianti Tuscany antipasti molti at "Sira e Remino" restaurant, in Chianti Tuscany mio pene in salsiccia, at "Sira e Remino" restaurant, in Chianti Tuscany homemade: pancetta cubes with tomato sauce! homemade: pasta waiting to be drenced with pancetta tomato sauce

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