Jen – First days in Siena

Well no point in taking the exam since we just opt for beginners class. We got to the dorms and head straight for the open market with Kerrie (Daisy’s roommate) and ran into this lil fellow. Kerrie wanted to get it but it’d lose it’s home once the month was over and that’d just be cruel 🙁


After that we head to the city center and it’s a maze there! Carry a map with me everywhere and still get lost >_> but view is beautiful.

Not the center but this one is close to the main school building (our classes are held somewhere in the city).

Since we are on classes.. 4 hrs each with 15 min break.. very intensive. The prof is great though and really gets the whole class involved and drills the lessons in. This is definitely necessary (every morning if I can get my hands on more)!

Really looking forward to Florence tomorrow! (Possibly Pisa on Sunday but that’s still TBD!) More to come~



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