Part I: Surroundings

Being in Siena in general is like being in a semi-permeable membraned bubble. Not too many tour groups come by here, as most, I heard, make a direct route from northern to southern Italy. Many are probably deterred, because no tourist buses are allowed here! Only select vehicles come and go – taxis, mopeds, and of course, walking pedestrians. This all induces a highly cultured environment where the local character and ways can be retained. And for those fortunate to spend ample time in Siena, there are simply too many hidden surprises in store.

The narrow Medieval winding streets, the steep inclines, and impressive overhead archways at the city center made it feel like one endless giant labyrinth!

I will never cease to be entranced by Siena’s old-world glory. The exposed bricks, chinks in the walls, tiiiny doors, and discreet niches are all what makes Siena so special. Siena loves to proudly bear the story of its history on its sleeve.


An Injection of Urbanity: The Exquisite Street Art



Opposites Attract: The Duomo of Siena

I teared up when I wandered in with a friend my first time. Perhaps it was the post-apocalyptic decor of the place, along with the copper statues and their mournful gazes and postures. Or maybe it was the cavernous star-studded dome, with the languid angels, that spoke volumes to me. Or it might just be all the saints framing the Duomo’s ceiling and their penetrating gazes – making me reassess my own soul.




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