Daisy – Run With Me and See Siena!

This past week, I have taken quite a liking to doing quick runs before the rooster calls (which is literally true here from my dorm room). I absolutely love an early, early morning run in Siena, and the entire sensorial experience of it. I love listening to an epic, operatic score on my iPod and taking in the old, deconstructed glory of the city. I love how intimate, immediate, and unexpected everything becomes. The secrets of the city reveal themselves, and I always come away inspired and deeply awed of their beauty. I pocketed my camera today, and took these shots on my water breaks.
Steep inclines of Siena’s labyrinthian streets can be both a runner’s dream and nightmare
I find a huge chink like this one in the wall simply fascinating
The art of Siena itself
Grafitti, exposed bricks, and fading yellow walls that tell of time’s wear
Can you solve this trippy optical illusion?
An eerily-lit cloister…
I adore the doors in Siena, from this tinnyyy wonder…
to medieval beasts like this one.
Found this cool poster of all the different types of doors in Siena
The Road of Paradise, and Sienese infatuation with windowsill plants
Vespas like this one are so common that it would be a crime not to shoot one
…or alot.
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