Jen – Visit to Florence!

Went to Firenze (Florence) this past Saturday.  Lots of walking and sightseeing but it was more relaxing than trying to see everything at once.

First view of the city, heading to the center.

The Duomo (hopefully next time we’ll go inside)

Ran into a carousel and had to go a round 🙂

Guess who that is!

After a bit more walking we got hungry so got myself Gnocchi alle Sorrentina (Gnocchi with mozzarella and tomato).

Baby octopus! (from Daisy’s dish)

After lunch we stopped by Piazza della Signoria to see the sights then had a break at the bar nearby,

really good expresso with great view and excellent company but expensive (4.5 euros)!

After the break, we crossed Ponte Vecchio to start our trek to the top of Florence (Piazzale Michelangelo)

and our trek begins..

little cooling session with the mist spray before continuing..

and we continue on our way..

well guess I don’t feel so bad about not working out this morning…

Took approximately 30 min but so worth it!

very sunny up there so we took a break in the shade next to David (a copy)

and back down we go.. at least it’s not as bad as the way up.

back to the center just walking around and some neat street art

and before we head back.. dinner! I had Garganelli caserecci al ragu di salsiccia con ricotta (Home-made pasta with sausage and ricotta cheese). It was soo good, didn’t finish so had it for lunch the next day as well 🙂


Sunset view of Duemo

Since it was an hour or so wait, we decided to head to the piazza. More street art.

very long day and there was no direct train back to Siena so we had to switch to a bus.. total time of commute.. 2.5hrs :/.. you can see why Daisy was tired.

Will probably go back to Florence to do more of the touristic things + check out the leather shops (they are known for them)

Ciao~ til next time!


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