Jen – First Post in Italy!

Hey all,

Should have posted earlier to show preparation for Siena but was just was so busy with it! Last minute packing is not ideal (didn’t have time to wash clothes til Sunday) but making a list definitely helps!

Going to JFK to take the plane wasn’t great with all the traffic but thanks to Daisy being there earlier, we were able to get through on time! While waiting for our connecting flight in Madrid, i ran into Bad Toro and couldn’t resist getting a souvenir!

While flying to Rome, there were great views and Daisy and I were really surprised how close the plane got to the ground. Can you spot the plane’s shadow?

Finally got to Siena and had dinner with Vincenzo and Suzy! The salami and pasta were delish! Unfortunately I forgot to take pics 🙁

Went to the town centre afterwards and got this shot of the town hall. Full moon tonight!

and to end the night out.. gelato!!

1:20am here and I got an exam at 9am in the morning. Good night!


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