Jen – Eating as a student

As the first week went by and I’ve settled down, I realized I’ve spent a lot of money on.. mainly on food. Breakfast and coffee from the cafe next to school everyday gets expensive the in the long run. I still need two expressos a day to get through the 4 hr class though (I’m working on fixing that >_>;..). The croissants there were very good though, I still get cravings for them in the morning but I’ve been making my own sandwiches + packing fruits to help me along the way. I’ve tried their Nutella filled chocolate croissant and their egg cream filled one. Both were very good, egg cream filled one was less sweet so better for breakfast though 🙂

I tried getting prosciutto from the butcher shop.. I thought that it’d be cheaper.. alas that is not the case.. it was rather pricy (maybe I just went to a very touristic one).  I’m glad I got it, though I probably won’t be doing it again. With the last of the butcher shop prosciutto and some new supermarket bought ones, you can really tell the difference in quality.


I’ve also tried making dinner for myself with fresh tortellini from the supermarket.. I didn’t really know what I was doing.. but it turns out that tomato sauce isn’t necessary..

second attempt, gotta say.. much easier and tastier 🙂

next attempt will be pasta.. after i’m done with this box!




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