Jen – Chinese Food and Pisa

Weekend came around and some of the friends we were hanging out with wanted to eat chinese food so we decided to go to a chinese fastfood place that was near our school. The people who owned the place were chinese themselves and it was pretty good. I didn’t realize how much I missed it til I had some!

After that we met up with other friends and head to the piazza. Bought some white Tuscan wine (delicious) and had a great time talking and just relaxing after a long week.

Over the weekend, we decided to take a day trip out to Pisa.. started late and you’d think it’d be a lazy day.

First stop at Pisa was food.. fastfood.. the people we went with had McDonald’s but I opted for a healthier alternative (without meat since I feel like I’ve been lacking veggies in my diet 🙁 ) Ortolono – Grilled eggplant with mozzarella, tomatos and arugula.

We were welcomed by this guy while aiming for the tower.

After a while they all look similar but still always beautiful and such a nice contrast from NY.

Stopped for a break and got myself a cannoli since all I’ve been having is granitas and gelato. It was pretty good and I liked the hint of orange zest in the cream but I felt the shell was a bit soft and could be fresher. I personally prefer the ones at De Robertis Pasticceria around St. Marks.

Now to the tower. My first reaction to seeing it from afar was “that’s it?!”. It looked so small! Still a beautiful piece and had a fun time hanging out there and taking pics 🙂

Don’t ask me what I was doing because I’m not sure myself…

After we were walking and ran into these things..

Let the adventures begin…


We ended up getting lost for over half the ride and thought we were going to die for most of it (at least the people in our bike were thinking that)..

..but we ran into at least one nice picturesque location :).. my turn at the wheel!

After the bike ride and stuff we got hungry so we had dinner before heading back home. I ended up sharing 2 plates with Kerri (Daisy’s roommate) so I had a prosciutto e funghi (mushroom) pizza and and some lasagna. Both were awesome and I if I ever go back.. definitely getting the lasagna again (doesn’t look like much but the texture and taste was amazing and so different from anything I’ve had in NY)!

and to finish the meal, cappuccino 😀

after that we headed back to the train to go home. Just a lovely view on the way back (I need a better camera.. anyone wanna help me with that :D?) and great way to end the day.



Ciao~ til next time!


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