Part II: The Food

Siena is in Tuscany – the treasure trove of all things FOOD. So we had no problems at all finding something to fulfill our deepest gastronomic desires.

Jen was quite a fan of spinning up her own food concoctions, so she would frequently hit up the innumerable gourmet shops and markets of Siena. I usually tagged along because of how savory everything looked.


And my hunger fixes? I loved to eat out. My reasons: a) Give it up to the Italians to be the master chefs b) Stocking up on food is not my thing c) I like a more culinary range, and d) The company is so worth it.



From an Informal Osteria Brunch to a Medieval Feast

The “Flower’s Pie”:

Meet and Greet: Akshita

Say hello to Akshita, the lifestyle journalist from Singapore! Like me, she is always in for a wonderful experience, be it food or performance. The first time we met was quite memorable. I was scouring for food one day, when I saw this girl from my class beginning to dine in style. I plopped myself opposite her, introduced myself, and just like that, she became my go-to for food recommendations!


Meet and Greet: Jiji

Say hello to the well-traveled Korean, Jiji! This sassy girl has one future dream: to live abroad, and have a house to entertain all her international friends. Jiji and I went to this medieval restaurant one day to try the apertivos, but only ended up ordering a huge medieval feast – a tasting menu that stuffed us to the max. We were in food paradise.


Intercultural Meals:

We were super surprised to a see quite a number of these chinese restaurants scattered around Siena! We took three others along to test one out. They loved it. As for Jen and I, it was a good reminder of home.

Post-meal Euphoria?


Guilty Snacking

I was obsessed with nutella croissants. I had to get it every morning before class. The Italians put nutella in EVERYTHING. In croissants. In espressos. In pizzas. Yup, a nutella pizza. Wish I tried it.

The espresso vending machine in our dorm commons. I probably tried half of all the flavors on here. They were that good.

My Boston friend introduced me to these. Bueno Bars are the most addictive chocolate bars ever. I bought a box of these at the airport before the flight back to New York.

…and I just loved these pretty sugar candy cans.

And of course, we could never get enough of the gelati in Siena!





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