It’s time for another weekend field trip! This one’s to… Pisa!!!

Catching up on sleep

Prior to arriving in Pisa, Kerrie, who always had the best insider tips, gave us all the heads-up that there wasn’t going to be too, too much to see or do, besides idling around the Leaning Tower. It wasn’t going to be another Florence, per se.


The oddity of the Leaning Tower of Pisa greeted me from a looong distance away. Honestly, I felt very nostalgic. I recall being particularly interested about the tower, as a kid who loved poring over a book that illustrated all the top wonders in the world. And there I was, seeing it for real, with my bare eyes. It really is a true tectonic marvel.


Ride of the Day:

We knew we had to peddle through Pisa’s streets on these four wheels. Here was the deal: we would all rotate being the driver. We could split into two carts, and race. And so the person at the wheel had total control of direction, while the rest needed to work in sync to accelerate or decelerate.

After getting hopelessly lost and a few collision scares, we all gave up on racing and safety took precedence. We all admitted it afterwards though –  it was fun watching people get their road rage on.

Afterwards: Granita time. We all needed to “cool off”.






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