The Morning After: We were still enjoying our luxurious hotel room…


Thank you, Susy and Vincenzo, for such a wonderful opening night!!! It was the perfect start.


It was officially dorm move-in day.

Tucked away on a sloped hill and quiet street lined with lovely villas, our home was a haven. The best thing? The convenience of the supermarket Punto located right across the street, where we could haul gallons of water (a precious commodity here in sizzling Siena) back. Our home was also less than a five-minute walk away from the Fortezza de Medici, where all forms of night entertainment could be found (We quickly learned about a 3 a.m. curfew. We didn’t need it most of the time though, as our loaded days were enough to turn us into flaccid jelly by night). A longer walk to the bustling city center, where our classes were to take place, was also fine by us. All the daily walking would make for fabulous exercise.


I got a double!

A room with a view! (This was funny, because the we were supposed to be two floors below ground level, and still we were elevated.) Though the room was stifling hot during the day, we got the coolest breeze at night. I loved the multitude of sounds floating in at different set times of the day: a real rooster wake-up call every morning, a master pianist at work in the afternoon, and a bass opera singer stretching his vocal cords in the evening… All made it so… Siena.


Meet and Greet: Kerrie!

Say hello to Kerrie, my roommate! A British hailing from London, this intellectual has got  a rocker vibe as well as the sweetest demeanor! She is a complete classical literature and film buff. You’ll always see her either buried in one of her books or laughing to herself over a movie scene. Fun fact: she loves her coffee and tea, but works in a wine and spirits shop. I was soon to become so used to her company, I would begin to practically think in her accent. Bizarre.



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