Daisy – Going with the Flow

It’s Daisy officially reporting in! It’s almost 3:00 A.M. here, and with a little Toscana Bianca white wine in my system, an uncommonly cool breeze from my dorm window, and with Wifi finally cooperating with me, I am going to give you a quick overview of our opening days in Siena, Italy.

I can’t believe it’s been only five days since Jen and I first arrived in Italy. It felt like ages – and I honestly mean this in a good way. Simply so much has happened that I am going to have to chop up these blog posts into more digestible reads.

The night we arrived, we were given the warmest welcome by our two wonderful Italian sponsors – Vincenzo and Susy. We were treated to a dinner of salami and prosciutto (I consider myself a flexitarian, but boy, was that meat good), pasta with capers and olives, red wine (my first, ever!!! I’m crazy, I know), and the most heavenly gelato afterwards. I was over the moon. We spent the night in a swanky hotel with air con that I will come to dearly miss.


We spent the next day running around having our class schedules organized and settling into dorms. And adjusting to the sizzling Sienese climate.

Me before University of Siena’s main campus and under the Tuscan sun

After dropping off our luggage in our dorm rooms, we headed to a local market that takes place every Wednesday at the Fortezza Medicea. Piles of thrift fashion, mounds of homegrown food, heart-meltingly adorable creatures to call your own, you name it – they’re all there for a serious steal.


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