We made a group trip to Florence on the first weekend! We took the train smoothly there, though we ended up misreading the departure times on the way back and thus got stranded there till almost 3 a.m. – dorm curfew. Close call! But for anyone who wants to go to Florence from Siena – take the bus! And sit front and center on the high level of a double-decker. I promise, it’ll be worth every cent of your euro. Jen and I did this the second time we went to Florence, and the advantages of doing so? faster, cheaper, and most of all, views like no other.

Anyone up for biking?

The Duomo of Florence was a true sight to behold. Never, ever in my life, have I laid my eyes on such a massive cathedral ever. I remember gawking up at this striated beautiful monster, and I didn’t even want to blink. Wish we went in…

First on the List:

Hit up the gelateria of Florence. Kerrie, having stayed at Florence for two years before, took us straight to this one.

Jen seems bent on finding the right combo of flavors this time.

I agree with that kid with the hat – ‘life is a party’ here in Italy aaalrigh.

Asian Betty Boop!


We were walking, and, in the middle of nowhere, we see a carousel. We all jumped on it of course, being the happy “kids’” we were. I guess we were not ready to grow up just yet.


Stop and Admire: The picturesque multi-color facades and algae-strewn lime water near the beautiful Ponte Vecchio


Lunch Break!

My octo dish. I haven’t had octopus… since I was little in Hong Kong, when I had to eat them for dim sum out of courtesy to my relatives. But this time? I may have wanted to. Or maybe I just picked out the dish because I wanted to remember the Italian food term for octopus – il polpo.



Florentine Statues – Real, or Not?

Real or Not?

I skipped up to this one to check, and had a bit of a heart attack. Real. He had nostril hair.


Not. The experience of standing amongst these oversize humans certainly made one feel like an ant.

Lioness, I dig your feathery mohawk!

Half the group decided to sit out from all the sightseeing. As much as I loved taking pictures of more strange breeds and optical illusions, I needed a granita – badly.


Meet and Greet: Amey

The A-MAY-ZING Amey!!! Florence was the first time I became acquainted with this case study of a character. Terribly shy at first, but I would later discover he is only a secret extrovert. A mechanical engineer major from India, he wants to work for Ferrari in the future. And because of his car addiction, he wants to master Italian, Japanese, and German (looks like he is well on his way, since he’s in Italian Level B2). His secret toolbox of talents also includes breaking out Bengali dance moves.


The last and most exciting event was when we hitchhiked up to a site where we got a breathtaking view of all of Florence.

You have to be there to see it.



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