With Kerrie, Jen, and I forming our own gang of influence, many more friendships came along. Almost everyone was new to Italy, and many, like us two, were staying only for a month. We were all ready to be plunged into whatever adventure (or trouble) awaits us…

The lot of us heading to our 8:30 a.m. Level A1 class

Taking the Piazza de Campo by storm!



“Jen, whatcha so confused about?”


First Lesson of the Day: Introductions

Notes to Self on First Day of Italian:

  • Completely conducted in Italian (what was I expecting?)
  • Our fellow classmates were at least semi-fluent already… or at least that’s how it sounded
  • Even the textbook is written in Italian?!
  • Professor, speaking slower in Italian may not help us comprehend any better… but we’re really trying here!
  • Better tactic: do the guesswork at meanings through the professor’s voice tone and gestures
  • Thank goodness for some words sounding like their english counterparts
  • Okay, I got this. Breathe.

Our makeshift classroom turned into an airy auditorium for our permanent classroom!


15-Minute Break: the courtyard where we would all hang out


Meet and Greet: Matt and Kat!

Meet our ever-friendly German couple! The first is an aspiring doctor, though his side interests include basketball and being a real darling to Kat (and pet cats, pun aside). Kat is a driven studentessa in geography and political science. She wants to go into international development, work in the UN, and manage projects in China. I loved to run with Miss Kat in the mornings before class. I am always up for a challenge with the amount of stamina she has!



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