Why Asians Choose Italy

In the weeks that I’ve been in Siena, I’ve had the chance to meet several Unistrasi students that are from Asia, namely China, Japan and Taiwan. My conversations usually start out with a chance encounter and my own interest in making new friends. I wanted to learn where they’re from, why they were here, and explaining how I’m here through AsianInNY.

It wasn’t always easy considering our varying levels of fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English (at times, mixing in Italian!) However, regardless of whether I speak to someone who is Asian or European, everyone seems to want to hear more about NYC and conversation flows a little more easily when I bring up that part. In speaking with and interviewing some of my Asian friends, I found many different responses to “Why did you choose to come to Italy?”

The initial response I got from Shen Bo “Sam” (from Guangzhou, China) and his roommate Liu Sen “Mike” (Chendu, China) is that they’re here to study.

Hanae -Tokyo, Japan


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